Enterprise Survey Integrations

Enrich your business data with customer and prospect feedback.


Add context to your Salesforce data with survey feedback

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Get to know your prospects better with survey feedback and Marketo

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Oracle® Eloqua

Get to know your prospects better with survey feedback and Oracle® Eloqua

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Bring your customer’s voice to the forefront of your business decisions

Are you using customer and prospect feedback to make informed business decisions? Do more with your SurveyMonkey data by integrating survey responses with your business systems. Give operational data context by understanding the “why” behind your business metrics.

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Get to know your prospects and win more deals

Ask your prospects questions along the way and inform your sales team. Did you find our webinar useful? What is your purchase timeline? What is the most important factor driving your purchase decision?

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Keep your customers happy and reap the rewards

Automate customer surveys and follow-up actions. Then analyze this feedback in context with your existing customer data to identify your biggest opportunities. Share this feedback with your team to improve customer satisfaction and drive product improvements.

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Use your Net Promoter Score® to get referrals

Measure your Net Promoter Score across your customer base to identify your brand advocates. Then create automated follow-up tasks. Ask your advocates for referrals, or if they’d be interested providing a review for your product.

Close the feedback loop in 4 steps

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Send surveys with automated triggers based on your prospect's or customer's actions

19 mobile data synchronization


Map survey responses back to your system of record

46 monitoring project data


Create reports and dashboards to analyze feedback alongside your existing business data

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Automate your follow-up actions with workflows and notifications

Make survey feedback a part of your business systems


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Oracle® Eloqua

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