SurveyMonkey + Salesforce®

Enrich your CRM data with feedback to win customers and turn them into advocates.


Improve your customer outreach and support

Automatically trigger customer surveys in Salesforce to get a holistic view of your business metrics and improve the customer experience.

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Increase your visibility of customer happiness

Increase your visibility of customer happiness Measure customer happiness with Net Promoter Score ® (NPS) and customer satisfaction (CSAT) surveys and sync it with any Salesforce object including custom objects.
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Take action with unhappy customers

Create automated trigger notifications from CSAT survey responses for your customer success team to follow-up with unhappy customers.
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Close the customer feedback loop

Trigger post-case surveys to make sure your customers are receiving the support they need.
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Increase company revenue and customer LTV

Use survey feedback to gain new learnings from your sales interactions and increase renewals and referrals.

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Refine your selling motion

Automate surveys upon opportunity closure to learn why your team won or lost.
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Increase customer LTV

Set recurring surveys to monitor customer happiness, and take proactive steps to nurture renewal business.
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Drive customer referrals

Incentivize your happy customers to participate in referral programs using automated workflows.

Profile and qualify leads faster

Collect prospect feedback inside your Salesforce database. Use this data to learn more about their needs and evaluation criteria.

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Get to know your leads better

Survey your leads and enrich your database with demographic and firmographic data.
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Identify your hot leads

Survey your leads and contacts to learn more about their purchase timeline and decision drivers.
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Automate Salesforce surveys at crucial customer touchpoints

Identify opportunities to take action, transforming prospects into lifelong customers.

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How SurveyMonkey's Salesforce integration works

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Send surveys using automated triggers from standard and custom objects.

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Choose an existing SurveyMonkey survey and map questions to any Salesforce objects.

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See real-time prospect and customer feedback in your Salesforce database, and use it for reports and dashboards.

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Generate automated triggers in Salesforce based on mapped survey responses and follow up with customers.

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