We miss you already - tell us how you feel!

It's been a week since Wiki Loves Maps seminar and hackathon. It was great working together with you over the days! Thanks for coming and making the event unforgettable! 

Please share your thoughts about the events in this survey. We will also be preparing a newsletter / blog post soon. Keep you eyes on wikilovesmaps.wikimedia.fi and hack4.fi!

We associate your email address with your answers, but all results will be presented anonymously. And if you didn't come, you can answer some of the questions, and we can keep you in the loop!


* 1. What did you like the most in the events?

* 2. What could have been improved?

* 3. Next time, what should be done differently?

  No, less! Hmm, perhaps less... This was OK Hmm, perhaps more... Yes, more!
More about Wikimedia
More about maps
More about history
More learning
More hacking
More creativity
More information
More mingling
More time

* 4. What kind of events will you be interested in joining in the future?

* 5. Tell a memorable story!

* 6. Do you have pictures to share? Updates on your projects? Blog posts? Share them with us!

* 7. Do you want to share your contact information with other participants?

Thank you! Hope to see you soon again!