We are a group of four university students who are doing a project about Open Badges together with the Ministry of Education in Finland. The purpose of this survey is to gather information about what people know about Open Badges and what could be done to increase and develop the use of Open Badges. You can also answer the questions in Finnish or Swedish.

* 1. What company/organization are you working for?

* 2. What do you know about Open Badges? (=digital achievement badges)

* 3. Does your company/organization use Open Badges?

* 4. If so, how does your company make use of Open Badges?

* 5. Do you use Open Badges yourself?

* 6. If not, why? Would you or your company/organization want to use Open Badges?

* 7. How can the use of Open Badges be developed?

* 8. Can we contact you for further questions? If yes, please enter your email.