Register your organization to Nordic Game Week 30.10. - 5.11.2017

With this form you can register your organization to participate in the Nordic Game Week 2017.

Registration is open to all interested organizations who wish to promote a positive gaming culture and game literacy. All registered events should be open to the public. Your event doesn't have to last for the whole week (most participants will organize a singular game day during the week). You can also participate in the Nordic Game Week Competition (details at a later date).

Nordic Game Week will collect and display all registered events on a Nordic Game Week Map. For more information about the Nordic Game Week go to

Please create a web page or a Facebook event for your local Nordic Game Week event before registering. This year the Nordic Game Week map will only display the venue and a link for your own site, where you can more easily keep the information updated.

* Participating organization

Venue Name example: "Stockholms stadsbibliotek" (Where your event will take place)
Venue Address example: "Sveavägen 73" (This is enough infomation for the map)
City example: "Stockholm"
Link to a website or to a Facebook page for more information about the event.

* Is this your first time participating in the Nordic Game Week?

* What can we do to help you organize a Nordic Game Week event?

Tell us what you need and we will help you any way we can. We can for example facilitate co-operation between you and other organizations.

* Is your organization a library?

We submit the location information of libraries registering to the Nordic Game Week to the International Games Week Map. If your organization is a library and you would like to participate in the International Games Week competitions in addition to the Nordic Game Week Competition, register also to IGW.

* Would you like to participate in the Nordic Game Week Competition?

This year’s competition will feature the mobile game Big Bang Legends (available for Apple and Android devices). As the game is normally non-competitive, we’ve created a speedrun-challenge for the Nordic Game Week Competition.

Participating organizations will receive small prizes to share with the visitors participating in the competition if the event is registered before 13.10.2017. The prizes are sponsored by Lightneer, the gaming company behind Big Bang Legends (a new casual learning game that helps you learn particle physics and the periodic table)!

* Where should we send the prizes for the Nordic Game Week Competition?

* Who should we send email to about Nordic Game Week (in your organization)?

* By registering you accept to receive 2-4 emails from Nordic Game Week.