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This survey is part of the Sustainable Maritime Industry Development Program administered by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment. An invitation to respond to the survey has been sent to key stakeholders in the maritime industry and to the surrounding stakeholders.
The starting point for designing the Sustainable Maritime Industry Development Program was, firstly, the goal of maintaining the maritime industry as a competitive employer all around in Finland.
Second, the Program identified that climate goals and digitalization are creating new demand and business opportunities as the sector invests heavily in know-how and innovation, productivity, internationalization, exports, and cooperation.
The Program set a vision for the industry: internationally competitive, productive and broad Finnish maritime industry is one of the first to offer functional and sustainable solutions to the digital transition globally, and to employ and create prosperity in Finland.
During the preparation of the development program, it was recognized that due to the multidimensional industry and changing operating environment, focusing on common and jointly designed development target would support the set development targets.
During the preparation of the development program, it was found that stakeholders in the industry need more information about the possibilities of supporting public funding. At the same time, it was stated that the understanding of financiers about the operating environment and needs of the maritime industry also needs to be enlighten.
The aim of this survey is to gather views on the potential common development target and to identify the key challenges faced by companies in the maritime industry in terms of access to funding in the sector.
The survey is coordinated by Korkia Consulting Oy.
The survey has 4 pages and takes about 15 minutes to complete. Your input is very valuable in developing the program.
The collected raw answer data will be stored and analyzed by Korkia Consulting and Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment. The concluded results from this survey will be further assessed in joint workshop between the participating stakeholders and the streering group of this progam. The concluded results may be further used in other public events or in material. The survey is anonymous and no individual answer can be linked to any exact organization or responder. More information about the privacy policy can be found here: https://www.korkia.fi/en/privacy-and-cookies/
Thank you already in advance!
For more information on the survey, contact: Korkia Consulting Oy,  Junior Consultant Disa Laine, disa.laine@korkia.fi, 044 555 1316. Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, Leading Expert Anita Silanterä, anita.silantera@gov.fi, 050 464 5366.
By proceeding to the survey, you agree the above described principles and procedures for collecting, processing and storing the survey data.