In collaboration with Skye Terrier Club, Skye Terrier Club of America, Skye Terrier Club of Finland

Please use a separate form for each Skye Terrier you have. You can answer for both alive and deceased dogs.

Thank you for your participation in helping to gain insight about the health and wellness of our breed.

* 1. Gender:

* 2. At which age was your Skye diagnosed with cancer (please state in years and months)?

* 3. What year was your Skye born?

* 4. If your Skye is deceased, please state the age at the time of death:

* 5. What type of cancer was your Skye diagnosed with?

* 6. How was the cancer diagnosed?

* 7. Did your Skye receive treatment for cancer?

* 8. Did the treatment help your Skye?

* 9. Was a DNA sample of your Skye submitted to AHT (Animal Health Trust)?

* 10. If you want to add additional information on your Skye (e.g. vaccination protocols) please write the information in the text box below.