Pylon Questionnaires
Pylon Questionnaires
Pylon Questionnaires for EpsilonNet

App Details

EpsilonNet SA
3 Publish via email Questionnaires created in Pylon
3 Works with anonymous responses
3 Collect Survey Responses
3 Data Visualization and Reporting

Pylon CRM Questionnaires module meets SurveyMonkey. Pylon users can send their own embedded Questionnaires to their customers via SurveyMonkey’s surveys.

  • To get started, click Install at the top of this page. Then, fill setup information and mind to authorize both SurveyMonkey and Pylon to link your accounts.
  • SurveyMonkey will then use Pylon’s Questionnaire Mailing lists, through Campaigns, in order to send and collect surveys from their customers. Add the survey you want to share through SurveyMonkey by clicking Publish Survey in Questionnaire Campaign.
  • Send the survey to all contacts listed by Send Survey Message.
  • All responses will be integrated back to Pylon (Collect Survey Responses), for further data analysis and reporting.