Send surveys to a list of customers
Map response data to customer records
Capture more focused feedback by sending surveys using segmented customer lists
Capture and view the voice of your customers in Zendesk

Automatically Send a Survey to a Customer List

Identify the people you’d like to reach using a Customer list. Create or copy a survey to send to them, or take advantage of one of our expert-built SurveyMonkey templates. Use a customizable email message to garner more interest in your survey.

Use this integration to capture feedback for a variety of use cases including NPS, Customer Satisfaction, Product Launch feedback, and much more.

Easy tracking - Map fields back to Zendesk fields (Admins only)

Save and share the data you’d like to highlight on the customer record, through Zendesk.

How to Install

  • Connect SurveyMonkey to Zendesk.
  • Which Customer list you’d like to send survey to.
  • Pick from a template or choose an existing survey.
  • Map survey fields back to Zendesk.
  • Review your email message, and send.

Note: This app requires the Customer List feature enabled on your Zendesk Support account and may be a paid add-on with Zendesk.

SurveyMonkey Plan Requirements

Any Paid Plan

Additional Resources

Our Help Center contains additional information on the Zendesk integration. See more here.