Integrate SurveyMonkey with your other cloud applications, no code required

App Details

Azuqua, Inc.
Terms of Service:
3 Integrate your ticketing tool to send out satisfaction surveys when a ticket is closed
3 Automatically add new marketing leads to survey collectors
3 Synch data from new responses to your CRM

Connect every application. Eliminate manual, repetitive tasks. Do your best work.

Azuqua is the no-code cloud integration platform powering SaaS applications, IT teams, and business users everywhere. The platform is designed to go beyond plug and play integrations, making enterprise-grade scenarios possible with hundreds of comprehensive API connectors and a rich library of business logic and data processing functions.

Integrate with clicks, not code:
Azuqua’s no-code, drag-and-drop platform breaks down technical barriers so you can connect all your applications and build powerful automations without specialized skills or custom code.

Eliminate manual work, boost productivity:
Automate repetitive work and business processes; eliminating data replication, manual data syncing, and copy-and-paste data entry errors – allowing you to do more purpose-driven, higher-value work.

Develop repeatable, predictable customer journeys:
Break down data silos, connect isolated applications, enable data-driven decision-making, streamline the customer experience, and surface valuable customer intelligence and insights.