Google Sheets
Export survey results into Google Sheets.
Google Sheets
Google Sheets
Google Sheets
Google Sheets
Filter your SurveyMonkey data in Google Sheets
Sort your SurveyMonkey data in Google Sheets

Import your survey response data into Google Sheets. Sort, filter and analyze your data, then share it with your team to review.

This integration takes your current SurveyMonkey response data and exports it directly into a Google Sheet.

How to Install

Click the button at the top of this page, which will send you over to Google. Add the add-on by clicking the install button at the top right (you’ll need to log in to both your SurveyMonkey and Google accounts). After connecting your accounts, you can select a survey and collector of your choice to import into your sheet, all from within Google Sheets.

SurveyMonkey Plan Requirements

Any Paid SurveyMonkey Plan, however response limits may be applied. For more details, visit

Additional Limitations

  • A maximum of 3000 responses can be imported

Additional Resources

Our Help Center contains additional information on the Google Sheets integration. See more here.