SurveyMonkey Audience pricing

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The 3 factors that determine your Audience survey cost

Sample size

How many completed survey responses you need.

Survey length

The number of questions you ask in your survey.

Targeting criteria

Attributes, balancing, and incidence rate.

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Examples of Audience market research projects

A sporting goods store wants to test new logo, headline, and home page concepts

  • 250 responses at $1.25 per response
  • 10-question survey
  • General U.S. population

A tech accessory company wants feedback from women on their latest iPhone case design

  • 500 responses at $3.00 per response
  • 20-question survey
  • Female iPhone owners in the U.S.

An ad agency wants to understand habits and attitudes of daily coffee drinkers

  • 1,000 responses at $2.75 per response
  • 25-question survey
  • 64% incidence rate
Jamee Herbert
Jamee Herbert
CEO and Co-Founder

"Traditional market research options are totally unavailable to us. We don’t have the money, we don’t have the bandwidth. SurveyMonkey Audience just makes it really easy and it’s so lean, small-team-friendly."

Helix Sleep
Johnson and Johnson

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